Club 10 20-Jun-19

Great that after abandoning last week due to bad weather and very poor visibility, we were able to run an event tonight.  It should have been a 15, but the end of Inholms Lane is still closed off, so it was changed to a 10.  Having said that, I was really pleased with a less hilly and shorter distance, as I was riding in memory of my father, on his classic light weight 1956 Leader.  With high gearing on a 6 speed racing block, I hadn’t really been looking forward to the hill on the way to Rusper.

So Ronnie’s Racer was in back action tonight…but probably not as fast as it was in the 1950s, but the fastest it’s been in 60 years!  The rider even was wearing a woolly shirt, and my wasn’t it warm.

We had nine riders with only four from the Redmon, presumably because of the weather forecast?  It actually turned out to be quite a pleasant evening, although it seemed quite hard going on the way out to Clarkes Green.  And I certainly didn’t notice any help from it on the way back, but perhaps it was the lack of gears that didn’t help, as I’m used to twice as many.  Some very good times recorded this evening.

1 Eddie Allen 25:25
2 John Allen 29:57
3 Clive Walton 32:49

It was a club event plus… Our Annual Prize Presentation and Richard Hoskin presented the awards with David Eccles our Spoco Champ, Eddie Allen winning the 25 trophy, and Peter Horsfield seemingly winning everything else.  Full details will be published on the website next week.  Also, since I had designated the event the Redmon Classic, I thought it appropriate to finish off with tea and  cakes to remember Dad (Ron Allen) and his cycling achievements.

Thanks to our club mates and others that help run the event – thanks to Derek, Malcolm, Geoff, Peter, Pat and Chris.

Name Club Finish Time Vets
1 Richard Hoskin Redmon 39:12 – 7:36 15.3
2 John Allen Redmon 29:57 – 1:13 20.0
3 Clive Walton Redmon 32:49 – 0:31 18.3
4 Dean Sturton (PTT) Molesey BBT 24:41 + 1:38 24.3
5 Eddie Allen Redmon 25:25 23.6
6 Colin Gray (PTT) Norwood Paragon 25:18 + 3:01 23.7
7 Simon Smythe (PTT) Norwood Paragon 23:30 + 3:24 25.5
8 Alice Lethbridge (PTT) Drag 2 Zero 21:40 27.7
9 Jon Masters (PTT) Norwood Paragon 23:32 + 4:34 25.5