Club 10 05-Jun-19

It should have been a 15 this week, but unfortunately the end of Inholms Lane had been closed off, discovered by poor Derek after putting out the signs.  Disappointingly only eight riders, although it would have nine if Eddie Allen had ridden, he marshalled (and took photos) instead.  So only two Redmon riders this week, although a few excuses were received due to other commitments.  The weather is improving now we are in June and closer to summer, so let’s hope we get more riders next week.

It turned out to be quite a pleasant evening, if a bit chilly, and quite windy on the way out.  I didn’t notice any help from it on the way back (maybe I was too tired!), even if all the other riders were talking about it afterwards. Some good times recorded this evening with Ed Clark again the fastest rider, and the two Redmon riders the slowest!

1 John Allen 00:25:46
2 Peter Horsfield 00:27:25

Thanks to our club mates that help run the event – thanks to Derek, Clive, Malcolm and Geoff.

Name Club Finish Time Vets
1 John Allen Redmon 25:46 + 2:58 23.3
2 Peter Horsfield Redmon 27:25 + 3:30 21.9
3 Colin Gray (PTT) Norwood Paragon 24:38 + 3:41 24.4
4 Jon Masters (PTT) Norwood Paragon 23:33 + 4:33 25.5
5 Dean Sturton (PTT) Molesey BBT 24:50 + 1:29 24.2
6 Marcus Bruton (PTT) Norwood Paragon 22:30 + 4:01 26.7
7 Simon Smythe (PTT) Norwood Paragon 23:34 + 3:20 25.5
8 Ed Clark (PTT) Fat Creations 22:20 26.9