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Brenda Goat’s Funeral

There was a good turnout of Redmon members and friends at Brenda’s funeral on Thursday afternoon 25th June at the North East Surrey Crematorium, Garth Road,  Morden.
Joyce and Clive Walton, Lorraine and John Allen, Susan and Richard Hoskin, Rosemary and Peter Stamp, David Eccles, Malcolm Pearson, Pat Boyd, Mick Deen plus a name from the Redmon past, Keith Brock and his wife.  There was a good attendance at the Greyhound Pub where food and drink were provided.  Keith Brock regaled me with stories of the Redmon past and the South London cycle trade of old!   The funeral went very well and the Crematorium was packed. Chris Goat, Geoff and Brenda’s son, read the address and there were some well-chosen songs by Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.  It was good weather too. I think that Brenda would have been pleased.  Geoff and I were chatting in The Greyhound and he told me that earlier in the week he had ridden ten miles on his bike, well done Geoff, keep pedalling!

Geoff thanks all of the Redmon members for their support.
Richard Hoskin