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Club Events: 2022 – Results so far

The organiser of the Club events for 2022 is our Club Secretary, Richard Hoskin, supported by Malcolm Pearson and Clive Walton as time keeper. Thanks guys!

Unfortunately this season a number of our events have been cancelled for various reasons, including road works, poor weather and lack of support. These haven’t been reported below, only those events that actually ran, with results

Thursday 28th July 2022

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPH
P.HorsfieldRedmon CC29:1320.5
J.AllenRedmon CC24:4524.2
C. GrayNorwood Paragon24:4724.2
P.OwenNorwood Paragon27:0322.2

Thursday 21st July 2022

Thanks to Richard, Clive and Malcolm for persevering.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPH
P.HorsfieldRedmon CC29:2420.4
J. BesleyDorking CC22:3426.6
C. GrayNorwood Paragon25:3523.5
S.HarberDorking CC25:2623.6
J.AllenRedmon CC25.3123.5

Thursday 8th July 2022

Second event, four riders with two Redmon riders this week.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPH
P. HorsfieldRedmon CC28:4820.8
J. AllenRedmon CC25:0523.9
C. GrayNorwood Paragon24:5524.1
J.BesleyDorking CC21:3227.9

Thursday 23rd June 2022

Sadly no Redmon riders, but at least the season of our club events got off the ground. Thanks to the support of our friends of Norwood Paragon.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPH
P. OwenNorwood Paragon26:1022.9
C. GrayNorwood Paragon24:5524.1