Club Trophies

How do I win one of the club trophies?

If you take part in any type of cycle sportive events, road racing events, track racing or time trial events you may be eligible to win one of the many trophies that the club awards each year. The full list of trophies can be found on the website along with details of each trophies qualifying criteria.

Send your results to

No results no trophies!

The process is as follows take part in you event, if it is a Sportive send in your distance ridden along with the name and date of the event. For all other racing events complete your race and wait for the official results to be sent to you before reporting your time along with the name and date of the event, the distance raced, the total number of actual finishers, and your position in the field along with the same detail for any other Redmon rider who finished the race. This detail is needed as there is a new points system in place which awards bonus points based on distance raced, placement in the filed against total finishers. Your results need to be reported within six weeks of completing an event if you go past this time period your results will not be counted.

Please don’t send in provisional results noted on the day of the event as things can change between then and the official results being sent out.

The results from the Thursday evening TT events will automatically be calculated and put towards the evening scratch series trophy, the handicap trophy, the championship ten trophy and the hill climb trophy only so there is no need to post a report.

So if you want win you better get riding and reporting, if you are still unsure of what is needed or what you need to do please speak to Mick Deen or another member from the racing committee who will point you in the right direction.