Club 10 27-Jun-19

A bit disappointed tonight as I couldn’t ride… That said, it looked like a hard evening, and proved to be with the times.  Perhaps the strong breeze was the reason for such a poor turn out?  Or was it that after last week’s tea and cakes, none were expected?  We had four riders overall with three Redmon.   Congratulations to Eddie who was the fastest by quite a margin.

1 Eddie Allen 23:00
2 Peter Horsfield 28:36
3 Richard Hoskin 40:01

And again many thanks to our club mates and others that help run the events.

No Name Club Finish Time Vets
1 Richard Hoskin Redmon 40:01 – 8:25 15.0
2 Peter Horsfield Redmon 28:36 + 2:19 21.0
4 Brian Jones (PTT) Horsham 28:23 + 2:18 21.1
5 Eddie Allen Redmon 23:00 26.1