Redmonster, by David Eccles

David created Mr Redmonster as our Club representative a fair number of years ago, and has been producing drawings of the humorous character’s adventures ever since for the Redmon Review, start sheets and more recently the Redmon Quarterly. He has kindly given permission to publish an archive of Redmonster cartoons on the website, and I have digitised around 150 so far.

How to use

On a computer:

You can simply scroll through the cartoons with the wheel of your mouse if you hold the cursor over the picture, or alternatively click on the arrows each side of the main display or the individual thumbnails below the main display to change to the next cartoon.

If you click on the title of the main displayed cartoon it will open in a new window at full resolution.

If you click on the main displayed cartoon itself, a new window will open to show a much larger image from which you can view and navigate easily through the entire collection of Redmonsters on the website. This display can be shown full screen, along with a full list of thumbnails and even shared with Facebook, Twitter etc. Navigation is similar to the main website display. To return to the website, click on the X in the top right hand corner.

On Android and iOS devices:

These will operate in a similar fashion, but have not all been tested, so you will just have to try and see, if you are not using a standard internet browser!