Club 10 16-May-19

We ran the first evening 10 of the season on 16 May, thanks to Derek Wardle and the rest of the crew, of which there were more helpers than riders.  We had a very disappointing five riders, and only two of them Redmon. Come on the rest of you, what were you doing on Thursday evening?

It was a fairly sunny evening, but quite chilly and breezy with the wind against you on the way back from the turn, but it didn’t stop Eddie from getting a long 23, despite being his first ride of the season, and riding over to the event.

1 Eddie Allen 23:55
2 John Allen 26:31

It was great to see some of our cycling friends again and take part in the evening events that club has run for a while.  Thanks to Derek (organiser), Roger Griffiths/Clive Walton (timekeepers), Malcolm Pearson (pusher off) and the marshals (David Eccles, etc – sorry I can’t remember who did what, I was that knackered!).

No Name Club Finish Time Vets
2 Eddie Allen Redmon 23:55 25.1
3 John Allen Redmon 26:31 + 2:13 22.6
4 Brian Jones (PTT) Horsham 27:37 + 3:04 21.7
5 Jim Ford (PTT) Dorking 24:07 + 3:47 24.9
6 Colin Gray (PTT) Norwood Paragon 25:43 + 2:36 23.3