Redmon Cycling Club

Eve 15 23 May 2019

Second club event of the year: same disappointing number of riders, but twice as many Redmon riders this week. Beautiful warm evening with little wind and a scheduled 15 miler, which was run. It was really good to see Ed Clark come along.

Eddie was fastest Redmon rider, but was disappointed to have been beaten by Ed  It was good to see Richard take part as first rider off, and have a cycling catch up as we recovered afterwards!

Thanks to our club mates that help run the event – thanks to Derek, Clive, Malcolm, Geoff and David.

Name Club Finish Time Vets
1 Richard Hoskin Redmon 01:07:47 – 20:13
2 Peter Horsfield Redmon 45:56 + 03:03
3 John Allen Redmon 43:40 + 00:52
4 Ed Clark (PTT) Fat Creations 37:10
5 Eddie Allen Redmon 37:55