Club Events: 2021- Results

We ran our club events for 2021 in the memory of club member Derek Wardle, who sadly passed away in 2020. Derek kindly left the club a legacy, and we have decided to use this to encourage riders to take part this year by waiving the usual entry fees and making our evening time trials free to all entrants.

Derek was a long standing member of the club and had enthusiastically organised these events the last time that they were run in 2019. Prior to this he had served the club in various positions including Treasurer, time keeper and open events organiser. He was very keen for our evening TTs to continue in 2020, so it is very important for us to run them this year.

The organiser was our club secretary, Richard Hoskin. Unfortunately (for us!) he had some prior commitments, so the event on 17 June had to be cancelled, sorry! That said, Malcolm Pearson and Clive Walton volunteered as ‘stand in’ organisers for the other two events that would otherwise have been cancelled at the beginning of July. Thanks guys!

Riders please note: “In the interests of rider safety and In addition to the compulsory rear light required under regulation 14 (i), the advisory use of suitable hard shell helmets in competition for competitors over 18 years of age, London South DC strongly recommend that riders do not wear black or dark clothing during any event held on the public road”.

Thursday 5th August 2021

Sadly the hill climb this year was cancelled due to the poor weather.

Thursday 29th July 2021

A tough evening, although maybe that was just me? Three Redmon riders this week, with the fastest being John McGlashan, a time of 25:15. What a shame this was to be our last TT of the season, and I have certainly been enjoying them. Perhaps they haven’t been as busy as in Jim Walsh’s time, and there’s been no tea and cakes, but after the last year or so, they have been a great occasion! So, thanks to Richard for organising them, and to Clive and Malcolm for the time keeping and recording of results. And all of the others who have helped along the way. Let’s hope we can persuade them to carry on next year!

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
B. Jones Morden CRC 29:0020.70:19
P.HorsfieldRedmon CC28:3421.00:56
G.BakerDorking CC 29:0920.6
M.PalmerDorking CC 27:3221.8
C.Gray Norwood Paragon26:3122.61:13
J.Allen Redmon CC 25:5023.22:08
J.McGlashanRedmon CC 25:1523.84:04
C.Glasport Dorking CC 28:5820.7

Thursday 22nd July 2021 (Club Championship 10)

What a warm evening, perhaps a bit too much so for racing? 28°C! Again, many thanks to Richard, Clive, Malcolm and Chris for keeping our evening events running – it was the Club Championship 10 this week. Not really a surprise who the 2021 Club Champion is though: Eddie Allen, who finished the 1 in a course personal best of 20m 19s – the fastest time of the evening.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
J. BesleyDorking CC22:4126.5
J.AllenRedmon CC24:5824.03:00
B. JonesMorden CRC28:2721.10:52
C.GrayNorwood Paragon24:4224.33:02
S. GreenlandNorwood Paragon27:2821.8
A.SmithDorking CC24:1024.82:09
G.BatchelorDorking CC24:0624.9
E.AllenRedmon CC20:1929.5
D.FalmerDorking CC24:0824.92:11
A.CritchlowNorwood Paragon20:4628.95:50
M.PalmerDorking CC27:2621.9
E. SnowdenBig Foot26:5422.3
N. HouldeyDorking CC21:5827.34:25
A.RamseyDorking CC29:2120.4
J.HooperDorking CC23:2325.73:55
C.GlasportDorking CC29:2020.5

Thursday 15th July 2021

Thanks to Richard, Clive and Malcolm for persevering, sadly no Redmon entries this week..

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
J. BesleyDorking CC23:0026.1
C. GrayNorwood Paragon25:4223.32:02
B. JonesMorden CRC28:5920.70:20
E. SnowdenBig Foot27:4421.6
M.PalmerDorking CC28:2421.1
D.PowisDorking CC27:2721.9

Thursday 8th July 2021

Thanks to Richard for coming back so keeping after his eye op to orgaise the Club 15 this week, and to all the helpers, I didn’t take a not of all of their names, Clive, Chris and Malcolm et al. It was surprisingly quite a nice evening, despite the earlier forecasts for rain, with a pretty good turn out, and three Redmon riders! And the fastest time was ridden by a Redmon rider, Eddie Allen, with a marvellous PB for the course in 34m 47s. Run on the GS/483 Rusper/Newdigate.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPH
P. HorsfieldRedmon CC48:3119.2
J. AllenRedmon CC42:5921.6
J. BesleyDorking CC38:5523.9
S. HarberDorking CC43:2021.5
B. JonesMorden CRC49:0618.9
C. GrayNorwood Paragon42:3021.9
N. HouldeyDorking CC37:5424.5
E. AllenRedmon CC34:3726.9
M. FaulknerDorking CC40:2623.0

Thursday 1st July 2021

Very many thanks to Clive Walton and Malcolm Pearson for organising and running this event in the absence of Richard. It was quite a nice evening, despite the earlier forecasts for rain, with a good turn out, thanks to other clubs – best so far this season. Run on the Holmwood G10/42.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
M. PalmerDorking CC27:1822.00:06
E. SnowdenBig Foot27:2221.9
P. HorsfieldRedmon CC28:4520.90:45
J. AllenRedmon CC24:5824.03:00
J. DewarDorking CC27:4321.6
C. GrayNorwood Paragon25:0324.02:41
J. BesleyDorking CC22:5826.1
J. HooperDorking CC23:3925.43:39
J. ClarkeDorking CC22:3826.53:54
D. PowisDorking CC26:4422.4
P. OwenNorwood Paragon26:1522.91:36
S. HarberDorking CC25:0523.91:31

Thursday 24th June 2021

Sorry, cancelled due to one lane being coned off on the A24 before the Beare Green roundabout.

Thursday 17th June 2021

Sorry, cancelled as we have no organiser this week.

Thursday 10th June 2021

Much better turn out this week, thanks to other clubs. Another lovely warm evening, if a bit windy on the way out (well that’s my excuse, that and the bike ha,ha). Many thanks to the helpers: Richard Hoskin, Clive Walton, Malcolm Pearson and Geoff Goat, nice to see Eric Palmer there too. Run on the Holmwood G10/42.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
P. HorsfieldRedmon28:1321.31:17
J. AllenRedmon28:2421.1
P. OwenNorwood Paragon26:0223.01:49
C. GrayNorwood Paragon24:4124.33:03
J. BeslyDorking CC23:1725.8
D. PowisDorking CC27:2521.9
J. HooperDorking CC23:4525.33:33
R. PeirceSurrey Hills Cycleworks22:3726.5
S. HarberDorking CC24:5724.01:39
L. WillmottVO2 Maximum23:2225.7

Thursday 3rd June 2021

Another lovely warm evening. Many thanks to the helpers: Richard Hoskin, Clive Walton, Malcolm Pearson, Geoff Goat and Chris Brewer. Run on the Holmwood G10/42.

Apologies to Colin for the mistake last week, which has now been corrected, not really sure how it happened. Maybe tiredness from racing!

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
P. HorsfieldRedmon27:5021.61:29
J. AllenRedmon25:5723.12:01
P. OwenNorwood Paragon25:5723.11:54
C. GrayNorwood Paragon24:5724.02:47
J. HooperDorking CC25:3923.41:39
L. WillmottVO2 Maximum23:2525.6

Thursday 27th May 2021

Many thanks to the helpers, of which there were more than riders: Richard Hoskin (for organising), Clive Walton, Malcolm Pearson, Geoff Goat, David Eccles and Lena Clarke. Still it wasn’t really a hardship – it was a beautiful, warm, sunny evening. It couldn’t have been better for our first event. Run on the Holmwood G10/42.

RiderClubFinish TimeAvg MPHVETS Plus
P. HorsfieldRedmon CC28:2221.20:57
J. AllenRedmon CC25:5823.12:00
C. GrayNorwood Paragon24:4924.22:55
D. PowisDorking CC28:0121.4