Racing during Lockdown!

As I said in my previous post, with the Corona Virus lock down, it’s not looking good for the 2020 cycling season.  However…

…let’s not get down heartened about it, we can still race in Zwift.  British Cycling are promoting a racing series on Zwift – bunch racing on Tuesdays and time trials on Thursdays.  I have set up the Redmon on Zwift Power – the website where the results are collated.  Click here to see our club results. So far it’s only Eddie and I.  But who else from the club will join us?  First you must register with Zwift , okay so it’s £12.99 a month, but that’s only around the cost of one TT entry, and you get a free trial.  Then you need to register with ZwiftPower, follow the instructions here and link your account to Zwift.  Then enter the events, start with the British Cycling ones – TT/Racing.  And maybe on Thursday we can have a club TT!!

Newbury Velo also promote some ‘British’ racing on Zwift.

Don’t let it just be me trying to keep up with Eddie!  If I can register for these events, and compete, I’m sure the rest of you can!