COVID19 update

Our main governing body Cycling Time Trials (CTT) updated their decision regarding time trial racing on 31 March 2020.  In light of the government advice,  they have taken the decision to extend the suspension of all events up to and including Tuesday 30 June 2020.  Since this includes all Open and Club events, our Open 10 on Saturday 10th May, and all club racing on Thursdays until 25th June are cancelled.  Today, they also announced that the National 24 hour has been cancelled.

The CTT have said that their decision will be kept under review, and considered regularly.  This is a link to the CTT announcement.

British Cycling have also extended their suspension of ‘sanctioned cycling activities to 30 June’.  This is a link to their announcement.

It is not looking good for the 2020 cycling season, but let’s not get down heartened about it, there is still much we can do.  We’re still allowed to ride our bikes albeit alone, and with tight rules.  There’s quite a lot of advice on line about what to do and alternatives to going out:, Cycling Weekly, and even a British Cycling TT series on Zwift on Thursdays.