Club Championship 25-Jul-19

This week it was the Annual Club 10 Championship.

Hot day, hot evening, hot ride!  All day I was dreading it, so warm, it reached 34°C (and rained!) on the drive to Holmwood.  Tonight we had the best turn out of Redmon riders all season, but then that would probably be expected, it was for the challenge of the club champion.  Nine riders in total, and eight of them Redmon.  Despite the hot weather making for hard conditions (not often that you need to carry a drinks bottle on a 10) there were some quick times and PBs for the course – both John Mcglashan and Colin Gray, and good vets pluses.  There are currently continuing roadworks in Spook Hill, which nearly prevented the event from running, we started from just beyond a set of traffic lights – let’s hope it doesn’t stop next week.  I’m just starting to enjoy the racing again.

The fastest and Club 10 Champion was Eddie Allen with 22:18, although he was quite disappointed with his time, and blamed it on his new front tub.  Even so, he was way up on all other rider’s times, with the next fastest John Mcglashan and his PB of 23:45.  Also congratulations to Richard Hoskin was fastest on handicap, having “put in much more effort than usual”.  Since this was the club championship, I have listed the full results in rider order for both scratch and handicap times.

Scratch Handicap
1 Eddie Allen 22:18 1 Richard Hoskin 19:04
2 John Mcglashan 23:45 2 John Allen 20:11
3 Tony Tuohy 23:51 3 Clive Walton 20:32
4 Jon Frost 24:36 4 Peter Horsfield 20:38
5 John Allen 24:43 5 John Mcglashan 21:06
6 Peter Horsfield 26:32 6 Eddie Allen 22:18
7 Clive Walton 27:56 7
8 Richard Hoskin 35:20 8

Many thanks to our club mates and others that help run the event, as organiser (Derek), timekeeper (Roger), pusher off (Malcolm) and marshal (Geoff).  Apologies if I have miss anyone out, but I was in no fit state at the end to notice who was there!

No Name Club Finish Time Vets
1 Richard Hoskin Redmon 35:20 – 3:44 17.0
2 Clive Walton Redmon 27:56 + 4:22 21.5
3 Peter Horsfield Redmon 26:32 + 4:23 22.6
4 John Allen Redmon 24:43 + 4:01 24.3
5 Jon Frost Redmon 24:36 + 2:42 24.4
6 John Mcglashan Redmon 23:45 + 6:56 25.3
7 Tony Tuohy Redmon 23:51 + 4:28 25.2
8 Eddie Allen Redmon 22:18 26.9
9 Colin Gray (PTT) Norwood Paragon 24:10 + 4:09 24.8