Club Events Programme for 2022

The Club is very grateful that our club secretary, Richard Hoskin, has stepped in again as the organiser for our club events programme, so we will have evening time trials for 2022. He will also be the starting time keeper, with Clive Walton (finish time keeper) and Malcolm Pearson helping. So, many thanks, to the three of you.

We will also be running a new a joint event this year with Morden CRC on Saturday 11 June 2022. We hope that this is a successful event and is a first step in our two clubs collaborating. The Redmon Open 10 will be a little later this year, in the hope that the weather will be more favourable – Saturday 4th June.

NOTE: Very Important

Will all riders please note the recent change in CTT Regulations relating to lights and helmets – you must have both front and rear lights, and be wearing a protective helmet. You will not be permitted to compete unless you:

  • have attached to the rear of your bike a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users;
  • has attached to the front of your bike a working front white light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users; and
  • are wearing a properly fitted helmet of hard/soft shell construction, and your helmets must conform to a recognised Standard.

In addition to these regulations London South DC strongly recommend that riders do not wear black or dark clothing during any event held on the public road.

There will be an entry fee this year, and sadly due to the higher rate of CTT levies for type ‘B’ events which relate to our Club Events, so it has been increased from the level charged in prior years to £7.

Evening Events Programme

26-May-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/4219:30hrs
02-Jun-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/4219:40hrs
09-Jun-22Evening 10Event Cancelled
16-Jun-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/4219:40hrs
23-Jun-22Evening 15Holmwood GS/483 (alternatively 10m on G10/42)19:40hrs
30-Jun-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/4219:40hrs
07-Jul-22Evening 15Holmwood GS/483 (alternatively 10m on G10/42)19:40hrs
14-Jul-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/4219:40hrs
21-Jul-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/4219:40hrs
28-Jul-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/42 19:30hrs
04-Aug-22Evening 10Holmwood G10/42 19:30hrs

Joint Events Programme

11-Jun-22 Saturday 10Holmwood G10/4208:00hrs

Open Events Programme

04-Jun-22 Time Trial BikesHolmwood G10/4214:00hrs
04-Jun-22 Road BikesHolmwood G10/42
04-Jun-22 Hub Gear BikesHolmwood G10/42
04-Jun-22 TandemsHolmwood G10/42