Racing Update Apr-19

Sean Taylor rode the Kingston Wheelers Sporting event on GS/292A on 10 Feb, and finished in 40:44, in what was probably very, very cold weather, so well done to him.

Our Chairman, Chris Brewer, rode the Southern Counties CU Sporting 10 on the G10/46 on 23 Mar, and finished in 36m which was a PB for that event, so congratulations Chris!

John McGlashan and Chris both rode the Kingston Phoenix 10 on the G10/42 (in practice for the Redmon Open?) on 6 Apr. John finished in 25:58 and Chris in 29:34.

And our man in the North, Paul Scaplehorn, raced the North Tyneside Riders CC 10 on the M102B on 13 Apr finishing in 26:57. Must be cold up there! 😉