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2021 Open Results

It was another very strange racing season, but there certainly was a much better programme than in 2020.  There were fewer Redmon results than would have been expected, due to the continuing ‘Covid’ cancellations of events, but some very good results, and several records broken by Eddie Allen.  Here’s the complete list Redmon riders time trials for 2021 open event finishes. 

It can be sorted by name, date, event, course and time.  See who entered the most events and who’s the fastest?

Peter Horsfield24-Oct-21Brighton Mitre CCG25/491:24:15
Peter Horsfield26-Sep-21Epsom CC / VTTA (Wessex)H25/81:11:12
Peter Horsfield12-Sep-21Westerley Cycling ClubH25/21:10:21
John McGlashan04-Sep-21Icknield RCF11/1022:36PB
John McGlashan28-Aug-21Sussex CAG10/4527:04
John Allen22-Aug-21Farnham Road ClubH25/81:06:05
Peter Horsfield22-Aug-21Farnham Road ClubH25/81:12:45
Eddie Allen15-Aug-21…a3crgP881/1019:3810th place/club record
Peter Horsfield14-Aug-21Epsom CCH10/827:28
Peter Horsfield01-Aug-21Hounslow & District WheelersH100/885:12:34
Eddie Allen01-Aug-21Hounslow & District WheelersH100/883:42:422nd place/club record
Eddie Allen25-Jul-21Hampshire Road ClubP881/2550:426th place/club record
Peter Horsfield25-Jul-21Sussex CAG30/911:29:55
John McGlashan18-Jul-21VTTA London & Home CountiesF11/1023:45
Eddie Allen18-Jul-21Shaftesbury CCF2/501:42:386th place/club record
Peter Horsfield18-Jul-21Southern Counties CUG100/61A5:31:27
Eddie Allen14-Jul-21…a3crgP881/1019:525th place
John Allen11-Jul-21…a3crgP881/1024:13
John McGlashan11-Jul-21…a3crgP881/1024:23
Peter Horsfield11-Jul-21…a3crgP881/1027:10
Peter Horsfield04-Jul-21Reading Cycling ClubH25/1A1:14:24
John Allen04-Jul-21Reading Cycling ClubH25/1A1:03:44
John McGlashan03-Jul-21Lea Valley CCE2/1023:54
Eddie Allen30-Jun-21…a3crgP881/1019:394th place/club record
Peter Horsfield27-Jun-21Sussex CAG50/102:31:57
Clive Walton22-Jun-21…a3crg Glorious Goodwood Circuit TTP91737:231st place
John McGlashan19-Jun-21CC BexleyQ10/2425:53
Peter Horsfield19-Jun-21Alton CC/Owens CyclesH10/826:55
John Allen19-Jun-21Alton CC/Owens CyclesH10/824:40
Eddie Allen19-Jun-21Alton CC/Owens CyclesH10/819:582nd place
Peter Horsfield13-Jun-21East Sussex CA / VTTA sry/ssxG50/902:28:40
Peter Horsfield22-May-21North Hampshire RCH10/827:18
Peter Horsfield16-May-21Reading Cycling ClubH50/1B2:30:08
Eddie Allen08-May-21Redmon CCG10/4221:43
John Allen08-May-21Redmon CCG10/4226:53
Peter Horsfield08-May-21Redmon CCG10/4230:52
David Eccles08-May-21Redmon CC (Hub Gear Bikes)G10/4231:41
Peter Horsfield02-May-21Sussex CAG25/931:15:15
Eddie Allen01-May-21Chippenham & District WheelersU4120:586th place
Peter Horsfield17-Apr-21Farnborough & Camberley CCH25/81:12:42

There’s been some good performances this year. Eddie was 6th in the Redmon Open, 2nd in the Alton 10 in June, the Hounslow 100 in August and has had several other top five finishes.   Eddie’s results have set four new club records: 19:39 at 10 miles, 50:42 at 25 miles, 1:42:38 50 miles and 3:42:42 at 100 miles.  Clive Walton and Eric Palmer rode the Glorious Goodwood for pre 1999 Lo-Pros and “Bandit Bikes” on 22-Jun.  We’ve even had two events with a team of three riders, but sadly no team prizes. And in addition, Eddie has raced at Bentley a couple of times in the Alton CC club 10s: 24-Jun 1st of 15 riders with 20:10 and 06-May 1st / 15 – 20:51.