Open 10: 08-May-21 Results

Our post lock down 2021 Open 10 mile time trial took place on Saturday 08 May, despite the weather.  it was a very wet morning and the forecast showed a further risk of rain in the afternoon, but we were lucky, as it remained dry for the event, despite being very, very windy!  We had 79 entries in our three events (hub geared, road and TT bikes) with entries from four Redmon riders.  The wind proved to be very hard work against the riders on their way to the turn, but flying on the way back, and did not stop the winner with a stunning time of 19:29.   The result sheet can be downloaded from by clicking here.

Many thanks to Richard Hoskin for organising the event, and to all of the helpers, marshals, pushers off, time keepers, results and tea ladies.

The prize winners were:

TT Bikes
Fastest Man – Christopher Fennell (The Independent Pedaler – Nopinz) 19:29
Fastest lady – Alice Lethbridge (Torelli) 22:51
Fastest VET – Nik Allen (Team TMC/Strada) plus 4:45

Road Bikes
Fastest Man – David Hewett (Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT) 22:11
Fastest lady – Catherine Ridgway (BellaVelo cc) 27:17
Fastest VET – Les Liddiard (GS Vecchi) plus 3:49

Hub Gear Bikes
Fastest Man and VET – David French (Weybridge Wheelers) 23:25

The fastest Redmon rider was Eddie Allen at 21:43 in the TT event, followed by  John Allen 26:53 and Peter Horsfield 30:52.  David Eccles finshed the hub bike event 31:41.

TT Bikes  (finish time order)

PosRiderClubTimePlusAvg MPH
1Christopher FennellThe Independent Pedaler – Nopinz19:29 30.8
2Ole Henrik Bang-AndreasenOnyx RT20:31 29.2
3Nicholas FennellThanet RC20:59 28.6
4Stuart BettisHuntBikeWheels.com21:2028.1
Matthew SmithTeam TMC21:20 28.1
6Eddie AllenRedmon CC21:43 27.6
7Nik AllenTeam TMC/Strada22:01+4:4527.3
8Mark BashfordEast Grinstead CC22:22 26.8
9Martin GibbsTeam TMC22:3026.7
10Michael RenardsontrainSharp22:44 26.4
11Alice Lethbridge Torelli22:51 26.3
12Tobias NilssonPearson Cycling Club23:01+3:0526.1
13Ian BrayAddiscombe CC23:08 25.9
14Mark BakerAbellio – SFA Racing Team23:24+3:1225.6
15Paul SmithVeloRefined Rule 523:27+3:1925.6
16Angus PollardTotal Tri Training23:36 25.4
17Thomas SellerOxted Cycle Club23:54 25.1
18Danny  YorkPearson Cycling Club24:07+2:0324.9
 19Thomas O’ConnellClancy Briggs Cycling Academy24:07 24.9
20Ray SullivanMetropolitan Police Cycle Club24:30+2:4224.5
21Stephen MorganTooting BC24:46+2:2124.2
22Paul AtkinsonVelo Club St Raphael24:53+2:0324.1
23Michael Porter34 Nomads CC25:03+2:0924.0
24James EllisLondon Dynamo25:07+1:0723.9
25Gavin HughesKingston Phoenix RC26:10+1:0222.9
26Darren HaynesLewes Wanderers CC26:12+0:3922.9
27John AllenRedmon CC26:53+1:0522.3
28James CambourneRapha Cycling Club27:00-0:3322.2
29Yasmeen MahmoudViceroys Triathlon Club27:14 22.0
30Peter OwenNorwood Paragon CC27:44+0:0721.6
31Brian JonesMorden CRC28:22+0:5721.2
32Debbie PercivalKent Velo Girls/Boys29:17+1:0620.5
33Peter HorsfieldRedmon CC30:52-1:3319.4

TT Bikes  (VETS standard order)

PosRiderClubPlusTimeAvg MPH
1Nik AllenTeam TMC/Strada+4:4522:0127.3
2Paul SmithVeloRefined Rule 5+3:1923:2725.6
3Mark BakerAbellio – SFA Racing Team+3:1223:2425.6
4Tobias NilssonPearson Cycling Club+3:0523:0126.1
5Ray SullivanMetropolitan Police Cycle Club+2:4224:3024.5
6Stephen MorganTooting BC+2:2124:4624.2
7Michael Porter34 Nomads CC+2:0925:0324.0
8Danny  YorkPearson Cycling Club+2:0324:0724.9
 9Paul AtkinsonVelo Club St Raphael+2:0324:5324.1
10Debbie PercivalKent Velo Girls/Boys+1:0629:1720.5
11James EllisLondon Dynamo+1:0725:0723.9
12John AllenRedmon CC+1:0526:5322.3
13Gavin HughesKingston Phoenix RC+1:0226:1022.9
14Brian JonesMorden CRC+0:5728:2221.2
15Darren HaynesLewes Wanderers CC+0:3926:1222.9
15Peter OwenNorwood Paragon CC+0:0727:4421.6
17James CambourneRapha Cycling Club-0:3327:0022.2
18Peter HorsfieldRedmon CC-1:3330:5219.4

Road Bikes  (finish time order)

PosRiderClubTimePlusAvg MPH
1David HewettNuun-Sigma Sport-London RT22:11 27.0
2Gareth ThomasPaceline RT22:34 26.6
3Jack SamwaysWatford Velo Sport22:5226.2
4Pat WrightPaceline RT23:19 25.7
5Will SalisburyCoalville Whs24:04 24.9
6Rupert RobinsonCrawley Wheelers24:10+2:4124.8
7Les LiddiardGS Vecchi24:33+3:4924.4
8Philip HerseyEagle Road Club24:41+1:5524.3
9James BarrettLondon Dynamo26:19-0:0022.8
10Avinash MahandruParlay CC26:2722.7
11Catherine RidgwayBellaVelo cc27:17 22.0
12Richard Harris34 Nomads CC27:40-0:4921.7
13Martin Slater34 Nomads CC28:02-1:1621.4
14Jennifer BuckleyBellaVelo cc28:12+0:5521.3
15Vikki FilsellBellaVelo cc28:23+1:2521.1
16Wendy MathiePenge Cycle Club28:31+0:1621.0
17Ruth GutteridgeBellaVelo cc31:51-2:3318.8

Road Bikes  (VETS standard order)

PosRiderClubPlusTimeAvg MPH
1Les LiddiardGS Vecchi+3:4924:3324.4
2Rupert RobinsonCrawley Wheelers+2:4124:1024.8
3Philip HerseyEagle Road Club+1:5524:4124.3
4Vikki FilsellBellaVelo cc+1:2528:2321.1
5Jennifer BuckleyBellaVelo cc+0:5528:1221.3
6Wendy MathiePenge Cycle Club+0:1628:3121.0
7James BarrettLondon Dynamo-0:0026:1922.8
8Richard Harris34 Nomads CC-0:4927:4021.7
9Martin Slater34 Nomads CC-1:1628:0221.4
10Ruth GutteridgeBellaVelo cc-2:3331:5118.8

Hub Geared Bikes  (Finish time and VETS standard order)

PosRiderClubTimePlusAvg MPH
1David FrenchWeybridge Wheelers23:25+3:1625.6
2Lawrence WintergoldHounslow & District Whs28:33-1:0921.0
3David EcclesRedmon CC31:41-1:4718.9
4Andy ForeyWesterley Cycling Club32:54-5:3018.2
5Adrian HillsEastbourne Rovers CC43:14-15:4413.9

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