2020 Open Results

What a strange year for racing?  There are not many Redmon results due to the ‘Covid’ forced cancellations of events mid year, but here’s the complete list of 2020 open event finishing times for the our time trialists.  It can be sorted by name, date, event, course and time.  See who entered the most events and who’s the fastest?  Its a shame for Peter, that the committee has decided to cancel all club competitions and no prizes will be awarded for 2020!

Eddie Allen14-Mar-20Farnborough & CamberleyH10/820:392nd place
Eddie Allen15-Mar-20SCCU HardridersGS33452:251st place
Peter Horsfield25-Jul-20AddiscombeG10/4228:06
Peter Horsfield26-Jul-20Sussex CAG30/911:29:35
Peter Horsfield02-Aug-20Sussex CA G50/10G50/102:33:13
Peter Horsfield16-Aug-20Bec CC G25/93G25/931:10:24
Peter Horsfield23-Aug-20Southdown P901/25P901/251:11:03
Peter Horsfield31-Aug-20Sussex CA G25/49G25/491:15:17
Peter Horsfield06-Sep-20SCCU G25/55G25/551:14:37
John McGlashan12-Sep-20VTTA National 10H10/3A2:05:00
Peter Horsfield19-Sep-20Sussex CA G15/92G15/9243:08
Peter Horsfield27-Sep-20Epsom CC H25/8H25/81:14:33
Peter Horsfield03-Oct-20Kingston Phoenix 10G10/4227:53
Peter Horsfield18-Oct-20Brighton Mitre 25G25/931:15:33