2017 Trophy Winners

I’ve been trying to ensure that a full record of our Club’s activities are maintained on the website, and this is the latest contribution.  The 2017 prizes were presented at a pleasant evening with a buffet at the Watermill in Dorking in February and this is a list of the winners…

Sporting TT Points Evening Series Points
1st David Eccles 45 1st Eddie Allen 90
2nd Eddie Allen 18 2nd Peter Horsfield 69
3rd Mick Dean 17 3rd Alasdair Wylie 63


Open Events Shield New Vets Trophy
1st David Eccles 16 1st Peter Horsfield 19
2nd Eddie Allen 10 2nd John McGlashan 10
2nd Peter Horsfield 10 3rd Chris Brewer   9


Club Events Championship Championship 10
1st Peter Horsfield 49 1st Eddie Allen
2nd Alasdair Wylie 41 2nd Alasdair Wylie
3rd Eddie Allen 40 3rd Peter Horsfield


Hill Climb Championship
1st Eddie Allen 2.53
2nd Tony Tuohy 3.27
3rd Alasdair Wylie 3.33


25 Mile Trophy Eddie Allen 51.59
30 Mile Trophy Jon Frost 1.14.48
50 Mile Trophy Eddie Allen 1.50.36
100 Mile Trophy Peter Horsfield 5.05.30
12 Hour Trophy Peter Horsfield 213.5mls
185 BAR Peter Horsfield
Club BAR Peter Horsfield
VETs BAR Peter Horsfield
Randonneur Trophy Mike Wakeley
Marshalls Trophy Geoff Goat
Triers Cup Richard Hoskin
Bert Lowe Trophy Mike Wakeley