2019 Open Results

Here’s the complete list of 2019 open event finishing times for the Redmon Time Trialists.  It can be sorted, filtered and searched by name, date, event, course and time.  See who entered the most events and who’s the fastest?

John Mcglashan15 Sep 19VTTA (Kent group)Q25/121:03:13
Peter Horsfield07 Sep 19Utag RTP881r25:15
Peter Horsfield01 Sep 19Southern Counties CUG25/431:18:19
Eddie Allen26 Aug 19Sussex CAG25/491:02:30
Eddie Allen25 Aug 19Southdown VeloP901/2556:34
Jon Frost25 Aug 19Southdown VeloP901/251:04:42
Eddie Allen24 Aug 19Sussex CAG10/4524:10
John Mcglashan24 Aug 19Sussex CAG10/4526:34
John Allen18 Aug 19Bec CCG25/931:07:21
Peter Horsfield11 Aug 19East Sussex CAG100/8615:20:43
John Allen08 Aug 19VTTA - London & Home CountiesH10/224:36
Eddie Allen03 Aug 19South Eastern RCG10/4222:17
Eddie Allen28 Jul 19Reading Cycling ClubH10/122:14
John Allen28 Jul 19Reading Cycling ClubH10/125:25
Peter Horsfield28 Jul 19Sussex CAG30/911:27:07
Eddie Allen21 Jul 19Southdown VeloP901/501:54:22
Jon Frost21 Jul 19Southdown VeloP901/502:12:21
Peter Horsfield21 Jul 19Southdown VeloP901/502:22:05
John Mcglashan14 Jul 19VTTA London & Home CountiesF11/1023:17
Eddie Allen14 Jul 19Brighton Excelsior CCG25/9357:14
Peter Horsfield13 Jul 19…a3crgP884/301:18:43
Peter Horsfield07 Jul 19Reading Cycling ClubH25/11:07:48
John Mcglashan03 Jul 19…a3crg MM 25P884b/2558:43
Peter Horsfield30 Jun 19Hampshire Road ClubP881/251:08:37
Peter Horsfield23 Jun 19Blazing SaddlesP885/502:15:59
John Mcglashan22 Jun 19Alton CC/Owens CyclesH10/823:32
John Mcglashan15 Jun 19De Laune CCQ10/2424:45
Peter Horsfield15 Jun 19Sussex CAG15/9343:01
Peter Horsfield02 Jun 19Portsmouth North EndP881/251:05:48
John Mcglashan25 May 19VC St Raphael (MM)P881r23:35
John Allen25 May 19North Hampshire RCH10/825:50
Peter Horsfield25 May 19North Hampshire RCH10/825:46
John Mcglashan22 May 19…a3crgP881/1023:29
John Mcglashan18 May 19Medway Velo ClubQ10/2425:02
John Allen18 May 19Farnham Road ClubH10/824:11
Peter Horsfield18 May 19Farnham Road ClubH10/825:45
David Eccles11 May 19Redmon CCG10/4230:17
John Mcglashan11 May 19Redmon CCG10/4224:45
Jon Frost11 May 19Redmon CCG10/4225:45
John Allen11 May 19Redmon CCG10/4226:15
Peter Horsfield11 May 19Redmon CCG10/4227:57
Tony Tuohy06 May 19VTTA London & Home CountiesF11/1023:12
John Mcglashan06 May 19VTTA London & Home CountiesF11/1024:04
Peter Horsfield05 May 19Sussex CAG25/931:15:35
Paul Scaplehorn28 Apr 19Houghton CCM1010B27:15
Peter Horsfield28 Apr 19East Sussex CAG25/891:16:06
John Mcglashan28 Apr 19VTTA National ChampionshipG10/4126:10
John Allen28 Apr 19VTTA National ChampionshipG10/4127:16
Chris Brewer20 Apr 19Brighton Mitre CCG10/4434:02
Richard Hoskin20 Apr 19Brighton Mitre CCG10/4445:18
Tony Tuohy20 Apr 19Shaftesbury CCE2/2559:20
John Mcglashan20 Apr 19Shaftesbury CCE2/251:01:21
Paul Scaplehorn20 Apr 19South Shields VeloM10124:34
Paul Scaplehorn13 Apr 19North Tyneside Riders CCM102b26:57
John Mcglashan06 Apr 19Kingston Phoenix RCG10/4225:58
Chris Brewer06 Apr 19Kingston Phoenix RCG10/4229:34
Chris Brewer23 Mar 19Southern Counties CUG10/4636:00
Sean Taylor10 Feb 19Kingston Wheelers CCGS/292a40:44