Alec’s thoughts on Ron’s history

Although I have been a member of the Redmon for 50 years (January ’55), Ron Martin’s ‘The Early Years’ said so much for me that I ‘d never heard before. Was he still holding minutes from that period; his own notes, or has he an exceptional memory ‘bank’ up-top? Few of the names mentioned were known to me. Were many casual ties of World War 2? Or perhaps they just didn’t rejoin afterwards. I had signed on the dotted line for 12 years and was being held for another 2 years because of the Korean War but fortunately didn’t go east of the Mediterranean which meant that with another dozen or so pompey regulars I could form the Royal Naval CA in 1948. I was back turning the pedals as though WWII had never happened! The Portsmouth Track League had 12 clubs competing. Sadly only 4 now survive I’m afraid.

Back to 1935 my father and a couple of enthusiasts in their 40’s and 50’s formed the Tadworth Wheelers.  But being out in the sticks with a small population area, plus little money for equipment, etc. it only lasted for 2 years. Unlike the Redmon who have progressed through to the present day and its 70th birthday. CONGRATULATIONS.

Ron mentioned the Redmon being the only club in the Morden Area.  I met up with a group calling themselves the Spartacus CC.  I had a PTT in a club 25 with them in 1937 on a course that started 100 yards south of South Wimbledon Tube Station.  It went out through Morden, North Cheam,Ewell Village, Epsom, Ashtead, Leatherhead to turn at Mickleham. It retraced the course and finished on the bridge beside the Territorial Hall south of the start.  Can Ron or any pre-war members remember the Spartacus? By coincidence I served in a corvette with a telegraphist in 1942 who had been a member. There were 6 bikies on board from various clubs.  I was a member of the Portsmouth CC in ’47 and ’48 before we formed the RNCA which I am pleased to say still functions.


Regarding Alec’s mention of the Spartacus CC, I have gone through several pre-war start sheets but can find no mention of that club. Maybe they never survived more than a couple of years like Alec’s Tadworth Wheelers.

MORE ON LOCAL CLUBS. My brother Ned added a postscript to his notes see ‘But the Spirit Lived On’ page.  There was another club in the vicinity The Reigate Road Club.  During the war I got to know Eric Skuse who was a frequent correspondent in Cycling who lived at Morden Court flats, London Road, Morden near the Railway Bridge. Syd Le Grys was another member but I don’t think the club ever survived after the war.

(Good to see the reaction to the History.  Don’t hesitate to add what Alec would call your fourpennyworth)


Previously Printed in the Redmon Review for April 2005.