We do like competition

Competition for Redmon trophies! Who’s going to win them this year? We are a very competitive club, and have many trophies to challenge for these days – most of the competitions were established as remembrance of old members.

The open event trophies get awarded automatically to the winners at those events, but as far as the club events are concerned, it is completely different. Redmon members must report their results to the Club Committee within six weeks of the event. The Committee will try to report on the website how the competition for Club Events and Spoco Trophies progresses throughout the season whenever possible. Each rider’s position is calculated according the difficulty rating of the event and their position in the finish line up. Other events are generally for the fastest time or best performance. For more details see the page explaining how to win the trophies.

The Club Committee will compile each seasons racing/riding results to determine which lucky club members will be the winners of these sought after trophies which are awarded at the annual Prize Presentation. To allow this all riders interested in competing must pass their results directly to the Committee using the results email address on the contact page, as without them you won’t be nominated for any trophies/awards.

E-mail or send a written note containing the following details: (a) event name; (b) distance; (c) date; (d) your finish time; (e) your finishing position; and (f) total number of finishers. If possible, please, include a short paragraph to describe the event, with details of the event winner and their time, and the time and placing of any other Redmon riders, so we can post the details on the web site. This information can be as detailed as you like.

All results must be notified within 6 weeks of the event if you would like them to count towards an award or trophy, as any results received after that period will not be counted. You need to get the information to us within this time scale, as otherwise it is not fair on other riders, remember no results = no trophies! So let’s make it an interesting season with some friendly inter club competition, don’t let your fellow Redmon club members walk away with your trophy so get out there, get riding and get those results in.

If you want write an in-depth report for the news letter please also post your story to John Allen, the Club Newsletter Editor and e-mail a copy to the results email address for it to be posted on the web site, but remember results to the us as it is they that hold your fate in their hands—— to win or not to win that is the question?