Redmon Open Events

We go racing ...We run three open time trials during the year:

  • 25 miles (solos and tandems) in April;
  • 10 miles (solos and tandems) in September; and
  • the Grands Prix des Gentlemen in October.

You can enter our events online through the CTT website, or by completing the Official CTT Entry form and sending it to our event secretary, with your entry fee. Cheques should be made payable to the Redmon Cycling Club.

25 Mile time trial

Our open 25 mile time trial takes place on the Holmwood course (G25/45) – see the club calendar for the date.  The event is open to both solo riders and tandems.  The fastest rider on scratch is awarded the Pat Wright Memorial Trophy for one year, the fastest team of three gets the Ron Bensley Memorial Trophy for one year,  the fastest Vet on standard time gets the Ted Lees Memorial Trophy for one year and the fastest novice the Kentish Wheelers Novices Trophy for one year.

10 Mile time trial

Our open 10 mile time trial takes place on the Holmwood course (G10/42).  This event is also open to both solo riders and tandems. The fastest rider on scratch is awarded the Jack Hatton Memorial Trophy for one year and the fastest tandem pair the Jim Burrows Memorial Trophy for Tandems for one year.

Grand Prix des Gentlemen

The Redmon Grand Prix des Gentlemen is one of the last events of the time trial season.  It is quite a special event, and rather unique for a two-up time trial.  The teams of two must include a vet, who is the ‘Gentleman’, the other rider being the pacer. The Gentleman isn’t allowed to pass the pacer until 200 yards from the finish line. This is a challenging event and well worth taking part.   In past years we have had entries from Sean Yates, Bradley Wiggins, Michael Hutchinson and the late Zak Carr.  The fastest pair on standard are awarded the Marjorie and Bill Griffiths Trophy for one year. There are prizes for fastest teams, fastest female pair and fastest family pair.

IMPORTANT – note that

  • * When signing an entry form and/or signing-on sheet you are confirming that you are familiar with the regulations governing our sport.  If you do not already have a CTT National Handbook for this year, contact your club’s time trial secretary or the CTT.
  • You are required to sign on when collecting your race number .  Take note of any last minute course changes, roadworks etc that may be advised at that point.  It is no longer acceptable to send a friend to collect your number.
  • Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident where there is personal injury, injury to a third party or damage to another vehicle, or is notified to the police, it is a requirement under the CTT regulations that you notify the event secretary.
  • The wearing of helmets in time trials is compulsory for all under the age of 18.  In the interests of safety, it is strongly advised that all riders wear a hard / soft shell helmet that meets an internationally accepted standard (Cycling Time Trials);
  • No vehicle(s) shall be parked on the highway within sight of the start or finishing points (London South District)
  • No times will be given at the finish