Your Committee

Technically the club is managed by an Executive Committee, supported by two sub-committees for Racing and Social activities.

The Executive Committee is responsible for running the club and driving it forward. The ‘Club Committee’ comprises all committee members, ie members of the Executive, Racing and Social Committees; and meets around twice a year, in October, prior to the AGM, and March/April for the peak season of Club activities. The Executive, Racing and Social Committees meet more often throughout the year. However, due to the reluctance of members to put themselves forward for these positions, the structure has been condensed to one committee – the Club Committee with fewer members. If you wish to contact the committee use the contact us page to send a message to the appropriate member of the committee – see the details below. The current members of the committee are:

Club Committee

Club ChairmanChris Brewer
General SecretaryEddie Allen
TreasurerJohn Allen
Committee member Richard Hoskin
Committee memberAlistair Lang
Committee memberMike Wakely
Committee memberDerek Wardle
Committee memberJohn Chatterton

The Club Chairman

  • Organises the Executive Committee and agenda for meetings, ensuring all tasks and actions are carried out as agreed by Committee members;
  •  Manages and reports on the Social Committee activities; and
  •  General promotional activities for the Club.

The General Secretary

  • is the central point of contact for Club correspondence;
  • is the administrator for the Club and all Committees; and
  • is the Club representation at affiliated bodies.

The Racing Committee Chairman

  • manages and reports on the Racing Committee; and
  • maintains the racing section of the club website.

The Promotions Officer is responsible for

  • all areas of club marketing and promotion;
  • the Club’s marketing and advertising strategies;
  • the recruitment of new members; and
  • maintains the section of the website promoting the club

The Treasurer

  • ensures good club governance;
  • manages the clubs finances and produces the annual accounts;
  • manages Club membership lists and subscriptions

Racing Committee

  • Organises / administers Club Events,
  • Organises / administers Open Events
  • Organises Club Runs;
  • Club racing affiliations;
  • Club Kit;
  • Club Training sessions;
  • Composition of club competitions; trophies and criteria for awards;
  • Organises the annual prize presentation;
  • Maintains the racing and training section of the club website.

Social Committee

  • Organises and promotes Anniversary or special events;
  • Organises and promotes the Supper Club meetings;
  • Organises and promotes club excursions and holidays; and
  • Maintains the social section of the club website

Non Executive Club Officials

Club President Richard Hoskin
Redmon Newsletter EditorJohn Allen
Club Captain Mick Deen
Club CoachAlistair Lang
Welfare OfficerChris Brewer
AuditorDella Deen
AuditorPeter Hosfield

Only fully paid up Full Member (1st claim and HLM) are eligible to stand for any committee or non executive post (except auditor).