Eve 10 04-Jun-15

Congratulations to the winners of Thursday’s event, which despite being upset by an idiot pretending to be a marshall produced some fast times. At least four riders were affected by a member of the public pretending to be a marshal. Three riders actually went off course.   On the way back, between Clarks Green and Beare Green, they were directed up Wigmore lane. They then turned right onto the A29 and rejoined the A24 at Beare Green. One rider from De Ver, David Chapman, stopped and was actually told that the road had been closed due to an accident.  He then got confused and from Beare Green went to Newdigate and back to the car park on the 15 course.  Mike Wakely noticed an article in Cycling Weekly that seemed to report this stupidity (see the end of this article).


Marshals Beare Green: Jack Jackson
Marshals Clarkes Green: Geoff Goat, Tom Allen
Time Keeper: Derek Wardle
Assist. Time Keeper: Roger Griffiths
Pushing Off: Richard Vaudin, Simon Tonge
Finish: Derek Wardle, Simon Tonge (spotter), Roger Griffiths (recorder), Richard Vaudin (recorder)
Teas: Vanessa Mason-Hill, Brenda Goat
Other club members attending: David and Pat Boyd

Fastest on Scratch

1. Mick Deen 22:11
2. Ed Clark 22:52
3. Aladair Wylie 22:58

Handicap results

1. Chris Brewer 20:41
2. John McGlashan 21:02
3. David Eccles 21:33

Full results

No Name Club Finish H/cap
1 Chris Brewer Redmon 30:46 20:41
2 Matt Andrews Horsham 21:45
3 Ken Izzard Redmon 28:52 21:52
4 Glen Jarvis Dorking 28:25
5 David Eccles Redmon 26:03 21:33
6 Jon Fry Horsham 23:29
7 Richard Wild Ldn Echelon Velo 24:34
8 Tim Peters Horsham 23:39
9 Alice Lethbridge Kingston Phoenix 22:29
10 John McGlashan Redmon 24:22 21:02
11 Stephen Hope Dorking 24:21
12 Steve Jordan Redmon 24:15 21:45
13 David Chapman De Ver DNF
14 Ben Grant De Ver 29:33
15 Patryk Pajer De Ver 23:43
16 Alasdair Wylie Redmon 22:58 21:38
17 David Powis Dorking 26:13
18 Alistair Lang Redmon 26:39
19 Oliver Gill Dorking 23:12
20 Ed Clark Redmon 22:52 22:22
21 Mick Deen Redmon 22:11 22:11

fake marshal at eve 10