SCCU Hardriders:

schr11c-2I raced the SCCU hardriders event this morning. In contrast to the fine conditions of last week, this morning was cold and the roads were wet, but not too much wind to worry about. This course is definitely in the sporting category, I seemed to spend the whole event grinding up hill or flying down narrow twisting lanes. It was almost ‘sporting’ enough to get me yearning for a flat bit of dual carriageway!

The weather seemed to put a good number of riders off, as I saw quite a few DNS’s on the results board. I came in 16th which is my best result in a open event. Of the 50 entries, 36 completed the course. No other Redmon entries in this event, everyone must be saving themselves for the other SCCU events next week. Times as follows:

1 Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC 00:53:54
16 Alasdair Wylie Redmon CC 01:02:59