SCA Hardriders:


Provisional results from the SCA Hardriders:

It was a clear morning for the SCA Hardriders event, with a strong cold wind coming from the west. Mick Deen, David Eccles and I rode the event, with a smaller field than the previous 2 sporting events (only 51 on the start sheet). Mind you, you do need to be a ‘hardrider’ to get on the start sheet!

1. Chris McNamara 53:24
21 Mick Deen 1:03:19
31 Alasdair Wylie 1:06:38
43 David Eccles 1:17:56

The SCCU 10 is on Sat 21st March on a scenic rolling course at Oakwood Hill. It’s on a Saturday afternoon so makes for a nice start to the season if you’ve not been out yet.

Alasdair Wylie