Late Season Racing?

It’s never too late!

It might be August and you could be thinking there is now little point in entering any events this season, but with events running all the way through to the end of September why not take the plunge and enter an event.

With the good weather that we have been experiencing the last month or so hopefully you would have managed to get some regular rides in. So put those rides and that fitness to good use and go and set a time.

And if you haven’t been able to get out and ride then perhaps by entering an event in September it will give you the motivation to get out and do some riding.

One of the advantages of entering an event towards the end of the season is that it should give you the motivation to continue riding through to the autumn and onwards through the winter. This should result in you entering 2019 with some good base fitness that you can build upon and provide a good foundation for the 2019 race season.

If you put off going out now until next week, before you know it the days will be getting shorter and the weather back to the typical British cold and wet and unless you are a masochist then it’s highly unlikely that you will want to get out and start riding in that sort of weather.

So get out there and ride, I will when I have the small matter of a 14k swim from Henley to Marlow done on August 5th. I know that it won’t be pretty and I won’t be happy with the speed that I will achieve or how long it will take me to ride up Boxhill but I know that once the hurdle of those first few weeks has been negotiated then a routine will be set and it will slowly get easier to motivate myself to get the bike out of the garage and go for a ride even when it’s getting cold and wet.

Enjoy your cycling, savour the view and remember an hour on the bike is more enjoyable and fulfilling than an hour watching TV.

See you on the road

Alistair Lang
(This article was first published in the July 2018 Redmon Quarterly Newletter.)