Xmas 10

141221_203-2Four hardy soles (and their entourage) turned up for the Farnborough and Camberley Christmas 10 on 21 December 2014.  Its the same bunch of idiots having a laugh, as for the last few years. You can’t take this event too seriously, as its too cold to go fast, and you’re at a serious disadvantage dressed as a samurai, Holmes and Watson, Batman and Robin or cops and robbers (which is what these Redmon riders seem to love doing).

The supporters only turned up on the promise of lunch in the pub afterwards – which probably made up for the slow times anyway, and gave us a chance to warm up a bit!

Times will be posted later, but suffice to say congratulations to David Eccles, who was first in the fancy dress.  As he has done in previous years – they rely on our club to turn up!